The Mission of the Sumter County Democratic Executive Committee is to achieve an inclusive society by electing qualified and responsible candidates who effectively represent the diverse population of Sumter County, Florida.

WARNING:  Misleading Mailings

William Keen
Sumter County Supervisor of Elections
is warning voters to be cautious of Misleading Mailings. His office has been advised voters may be receiving potentially misleading mailings, sent by groups such as the Voter Participation Center or the Center for Voter information.

He says these mailings are not from his office.
His office advises these organizations have in the past used outdated and often incorrect data to send pre-filed Florida Voter applications to voters who are already registered, minors, pets and even deceased family members.

Neither the Sumter County Supervisor of Elections office or the Florida Secretary of State has printed or distributed these UNOFFICIAL mailings and is not in any way affiliated with these organizations.

For more information go to:

Reminder:  Impeachment will not get rid of Donald Trump, it has to be done at the ballot box and in coming months the party will need their help in getting out every vote.  Freedom is NOT FREE!

You must register or change your registration by then.

The Sumter County Supervisor of Elections office is located at:

7375 Powell Road, 125 Wildwood, Fl. 34785

(The Copper top Building)

(352) 500-1540

Early voting takes place March 7 – 14, 2020 — 9:00 am – 6:00 pm


Election Day is March 17, 2020

7:00 am – 7:00 pm


This vote is part of the Process of selecting Presidential Candidates

for each Party


The Primary Election to pick candidates

for state and local offices is August 18th.

That registration deadline is July 20 and early voting is August 8-15


The General Election is November 3rd.

That registration deadline is October 5th and early voting October 20-31


From the Democratic Executive Committee

Do you know a second (or third, fourth or fifth) language?  Occasionally we need someone who can assist with non-English speaking individuals.  If you can assist please contact Brenda at with your name, language spoken, email and phone number.

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Poll Watching Training

Suppress Voter Supression

The Florida Voter Protection Project of the FDP is seriously gearing up to
Suppress Voter Suppression

For those of you who may have missed the earlier Poll Watcher/Poll Observer training sessions, we have added one more session prior early voting. This training will be held on February 18, from 10:00 am until noon. Please reply to this email if you will be attending.  Phone:  352-794-1351

Each county has a team of volunteers working towards this goal by training volunteer Poll Watchers and Poll Observers in the best practices and a good understanding of the laws that allow us to be inside the polling places keeping an eye out for abuses and mismanagement.

If you have already been to a training session this season, you’ll be certified as a Poll Watcher and will receive documents and a badge from the Sumter County Supervisor of Elections.

Poll Observers are also required to attend one training session.

All of the sessions are the same. Anyone may repeat the training if they like.

Trainings are held at :.
Sumter County Democratic Party Office
300 So. Main St (US 301) Wildwood, FL 34785
To be a Democratic Poll Watcher you must be a Sumter County registered Democratic voter.

Poll Observers are not restricted by the location of their voter registration.

If you are not registered to vote as a Democrat in Sumter County, you’re still welcome to be a Poll Observer outside the polling place. The same training is required but certification is not necessary for outside Poll Observers.

Our two-hour “Suppressing the Suppression” program is based on the FDP’s Voter Protection Team training program, developed for in-depth understanding of the procedure and the critical need for it.

FDP University has developed an online training program which provides similar instruction and a quiz.

You can register online for that training at:

Deadlines for 2020 Certification:
To be certified, all trained Poll Watchers’ names must be submitted to the Sumter Supervisor of Elections by the following dates:
Feb 21. for March Presidential Primary Election Early Voting period
(which is 3/7 through 3/14)
March 3 for March Presidential Primary Election Day
(which is 3/17)

Notification will be sent later for the August and November Elections/Poll Volunteer opportunities.

REMEMBER: We’re Here to Suppress the Suppression!

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 There are over 24,000 Democrats in The Villages!

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Vote By Mail—When Democrats Vote, Democrats Win!
Why Vote by Mail?
In 2018, Florida Democratic voter turnout was 64.2%
In 2018, Florida Democratic VBM voter turnout was 87.6%
In 2018, Florida Democrats without VBM had voter turnout of 55%
In presidential election years the VBM voting rate is over 90%

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Issues of Concern To The Villagers
Trump’s Broken Promises to Seniors – The Villages
Donald Trump isn’t Good For Anyone But Donald Trump
Florida Alliance for Retired Americans

Sumter County DEC

Executive Steering Committee

2nd Monday, @ 5:00pm -7:00pm


Sumter County DEC

General Membership Meeting

4th Monday @ 5:00pm - 7:00pm


Phone: 352-794-1351



300 South Main St

Wildwood, FL 34785

in the Save-A-Lot Shopping Plaza, in a free-standing building.

The front door faces the ACE Hardware store and the Wildwood Post Office.


Phone: 352-794-1351



Sumter County DEC

P.O. Box 1151

Wildwood, FL 34785

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