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Democratic Headquarters is Reopening!

Headquarters Office Hours Effective June 19, 2021

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NOTE:  We will be closed July 3rd and 5th for the Holiday Weekend

If you have questions, give us a call at 352.794.1351 or you can check out our webpage at SumterFLDemocrats.com or one of our social media platforms:

Bob Berg, Chair, Sumter County Democratic Executive Committee 

Fighting for Healthcare, Jobs and Social Justice

Democrats believe in Democracy!

The mission of the Sumter County Democratic Executive Committee is to achieve an inclusive society by electing qualified and responsible candidates who effectively represent the diverse populace of Sumter County, Florida. 

Robert Berg, Chair   /    Virginia Reyerse, Secretary   /   Barbara Dieker, State Committeewoman

Cris Andersen, Vice Chair   /   Todd Zelnick, Treasurer   /   Rocco Iannarelli, State Committeeman 

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 The 2022 elections will be here before we know it!  Please share your enthusiasm and support for the Democratic party by making a donation for a Build Back Blue in ’22! T-shirt and/or mug!

We condemn senseless violence against the Asian-American Community!

We are publicly condemning the senseless violence directed at the Asian American community in the Atlanta area on March 16th as well as the increasing reports of violence and disrespect shown to our Asian American neighbors and friends nationwide.  Sadly, these deaths follow a year-long series of escalating, xenophobic, hate-filled actions directed at Asian American communities across the U.S   Our hearts and deepest condolences go out to the victim’s families.  We join those families and Atlanta’s Asian American community in collective grief and anger for their loss. Please check in with each other and with your Asian American friends, families, team members and colleagues.

 We mourn the eight lives taken due to senseless violence, including six Asian American women.   Regardless of the motive, the Atlanta shootings are clear and present danger to Florida as this was clearly an attack on Asian Americans and their businesses.

 We want to be clear to the Sumter Asian American community that the Sumter Democratic Executive Committee gives our unyielding support to the Asian American community.  We resoundly condemn hate-crimes against Asians and all Americans.

 Bob Berg, Chair-Sumter DEC

 Fighting for Healthcare, Jobs and Social Justice

 Democrats believe in Democracys.

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A clarification in response to numerous comments: The Sumter County Democratic Executive Committee (SCDEC) has been distributing information about the status of Covid vaccinations in Sumter County and elsewhere.  The information is gathered from reputable public sources and news outlets and is provided as a public service.  The SCDEC is not responsible for the content or credibility of such information.  The SCDEC does not provide assistance such as enrollment with any registration process for obtaining Covid vaccinations.

Attempting to register online for a vaccination appointment may result in requests for personal information.  Rest assured that the SCDEC plays no role in any registration process other than providing you, the reader, with publicly available information.  What is done with that information is solely the responsibility of the reader.  Any questions a reader may have should be directed to the original source.


PLEASE: Do NOT provide personal information: Social Security Numbers, bank info, credit card info,. etc.

If requested, enter zeros. E.g. “0000”.

Posted 02/14/2021

Now Let’s REALLY Make


The Mission of the Sumter County Democratic Executive Committee is to achieve an inclusive society by electing qualified and responsible candidates who effectively represent the diverse population of Sumter County, Florida.


Phone: 352-794-1351



300 South Main St

Wildwood, FL 34785

in the Save-A-Lot Shopping Plaza, in a free-standing building.

The front door faces the ACE Hardware store and the Wildwood Post Office.



Phone: 352-794-1351



Sumter County DEC

P.O. Box 1151

Wildwood, FL 34785


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