Sumter County Florida Democrats Values


We Believe in Justice and Equality

Democratic Justice

Environmental Justice

Social Justice

Economic Justice

Voting Rights & Home Rule:

We believe voting is both a right and a responsibility of every American.

Campaign Finance:

We believe in eradicating the corrupting influence of money in politics.


We believe in an immigration policy guided by law rather than fear.  It is international law to provide safety for asylum seekers.

Peace & Security:

We believe that peace is our best protection

Environmental Protection:

We believe in the protection of our environment for the health and safety of all Americans and for future generations.

Renewable Energy:

We believe America must develop renewable energy sources.

Clean Water and Food:

We believe that clean water is vital to both the health of our populations and the health of the environment.


We believe healthcare is a human right that must be guaranteed to every American.


We believe all Americans have the right to a quality public education from pre-K through college.


We believe in equality for all, and we realize that the well-being of all serves our democracy and the health of our economy.

Restorative Justice:

We believe in bulding a judicial system that is truly just.

Prosperity & Jobs:

We believe healthcare is a human right that must be guaranteed to every American.

Social Secuirty:

We believe everyone has ther right to economic security in retirement.

Tax Fairness:

We believe that large corporations and wealthiest Americans should pay their fair share.

Sumter County Democratic
Executive Steering Committee
2nd Monday @ 5:00pm -7:00pm

Democratic Headquarters    300 South Main St.     Wildwood, FL 34785

Sumter County Steering Committee
xxx Day at , @ 5:00pm - 7:00pm

CONTACT US IN PERSON:  Phone: 352-794-1351

Sumter County DEC
300 South Main St
Wildwood, FL 34785

CONTACT US BY EMAIL: info@sumterfldemocrats.com Phone: 352-794-1351

Sumter County DEC
P.O. Box 1151
Wildwood, FL 34785


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