About the Sumter County Democratic Party

The primary goal of the Sumter County Democratic Party Executive Committee is to build a strong Democratic base of voters upon which every Democratic Party candidate can depend!

Sumter County Democratic Executive Committee

A political group representing Sumter County, focusing on filling elected positions with Democrats. Many of the activist members of the Democratic Clubs in Sumter County also provide the work force for the SCDEC. The Headquarters is located at 300 S. Main in Wildwood. (Main is also 301)


 Florida Democratic Party (FDP)

The Florida Democratic Party strives to elect officials who believe in effective and efficient government that prioritizes quality education, affordable health care, and an economy in which anyone who works hard can succeed. Priorities also include protecting veterans, our environment, voting rights, civil rights, women and families; immigration reform, prison reform, government accountability, and preventing gun violence



Democratic National Committee (DNC) 

The Democratic National Committee is the formal governing body for the United States Democratic Party. The committee coordinates strategy to support Democratic Party candidates throughout the country for local, state and national office. It organizes the Democratic National Convention held every four years to nominate and confirm a candidate for president, and to formulate the party platform. While it provides support for party candidates, it does not have direct authority over elected officials.



This strong base is accomplished through individual Precinct Committeemen/women who are responsible for contacting Democratic voters in their precinct for the purpose of recruiting volunteers, keeping them informed about current issues, and turning out the vote for each election.

We have Clubs/Caucuses throughout Sumter County!  From registering new voters, to phone banking and canvassing for candidates, writing post cards and letters, you can find some way to be involved with our Party! We actively support and recruit Democratic candidates.  We’re active in our communities in various ways…Parades…MLK Celebrations as well as our own fundraising events.

Catherine Hardy is the Chair of the Sumter County Democratic Party and is supported by a Steering Committee and the Democratic Executive Committee (DEC), comprised of more than Precinct Committeemen and women (aka Precinct Captains)

If YOU are interested in volunteering with the Sumter County Democratic Party and can give of your time and enthusiasm, please stop by our office at:

Sumter County DEC

300 South Main Street

Wildwood, FL 34785

Call 352-794-1351

Email:  info@sumterfldemocrats.com

Fill in on line form @:  info@sumterfldemocrats.com


Democratic Values

Strengthening, (not weakening) Social Security & Medicare for our kids & grandkids.
Uniting, not destroying, immigrant families who contribute to our economy.
Preserving our environment for the future, not exploiting it for profit today.
Expanding, not crippling, public education & affordable health care.
Fighting for wage fairness, not helping “Wall Street” gouge our economy.
Protecting, not denying civil & voting rights for ALL Americans.

Learn more about the Florida Democratic Party Platform


Phone: 352-794-1351



300 South Main St

Wildwood, FL 34785

in the Save-A-Lot Shopping Plaza, in a free-standing building.

The front door faces the ACE Hardware store and the Wildwood Post Office.



Phone: 352-794-1351



Sumter County DEC

P.O. Box 1151

Wildwood, FL 34785



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300 South Main Street, Wildwood, FL 34785

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