Sumter County Democratic Clubs & Caucuses

Join a club or caucus and learn about local, state and national issues while socializing with like-minded people.

The Villages Democratic Club
We are the largest Democratic Club in all of Florida. Each year we have about a thousand paid members and another 500-1,000 people who will drop in to hear a special speaker or to enjoy a specific program. We are a social club with a strong base of activist Democrats.
The LGBTQ+ Democratic Caucus of the Nature Coast Region
We represent the LGBTQ+ community to the Democratic Party, encourage voter registration, promote an active interest in politics, and support Democratic candidates who are committed to the principle that all persons deserve equal rights regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.
Democratic Women's Club of The Villages
To promote and expand access, advocacy and awareness of the values of the Democratic Women’s Club The Villages. We seek to involve women in the political process and to encourage and guide candidates on Democratic values in the State of Florida and elsewhere