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The Florida Democratic Party says Hispanics will dump Trump

for his harmful agenda to Hispanic communities.

Trump, they say, has alienated key voting blocs in the state for the better part of three years, and Hispanic communities are a large part of that, with policies that do nothing to benefit and further Hispanics.

They claim his tax policies favor whites over minorities and that more Latinos would lose coverage under Trump’s health care agenda than any other racial group. They add that Trump’s hateful rhetoric against Hispanics and immigrants has created fear in vulnerable communities and makes them feel unsafe and that he has demonized and criminalized hard-working immigrants.


Florida Democratic Primary is March 17th.

Florida voters will choose from a list of 18 candidates in the Democratic primary, including former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former Massachusetts Governor Duval Patrick. Bloomberg and Patrick were included on the list Democrats gave state election officials last week.

Florida will be key in the 2020 presidential election, but the timing of the state’s primary – following Super Tuesday – is seen as lessening the state’s importance in determining the Democratic nominee.


Correctional Officers to be trained to identify

undocumented immigrants booked into Florida prisons. 

Florida will deputize state correctional officers as federal immigration agents at a state run prison as part of a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement program.

The Florida News Service reports that Florida Corrections Secretary Mark Inch asked a top federal immigration official to approve a pilot program at the Northwest Florida reception Center in Washington County. He said it would allow the agency to identify and process criminal aliens who may pose a risk to public safety.


Democrats Rally with Trump Baby Balloon

Looming Over Trump Retirement Rally

The FDP News Bureau reports on how Florida Democrats came out to welcome Donald Trump to the state last week with a Defeat Trump rally and launched the Trump Baby Balloon. Miami CBS 4 interviewed activists and reported on the rally.

From CBS 4, Miami:

President Donald Trump’s “Homecoming Rally” at the BB&T Center in Sunrise wasn’t the only rally at the venue.

With nearly 600,000 registered Democratic voters in Broward, they outnumber registered Republicans in the county by more than two to one.

Democrats welcomed Trump to Florida with the Baby Trump Balloon and a rally to defeat Trump

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo led the rally with South Florida Democratic leaders and activists.


Florida Politics reports Florida Forward Action a political organization tied to Andrew Gillum says it has registered 106,000 new voters.

However a Florida Politics investigation noted that from Sept. 2018 to Sept. 2019 Democrats netted 10,731 new registrations while Republicans netted 23, 084.

Officials with Forward Florida Action said the numbers did not take into account that the state purged 371,043 inactive registrations in 2019. Florida Forward Action believes emptying of voter rolls has disproportionately impacted Democratic registrations


Make It Legal Florida has collected nearly 400,000 signatures in their campaign to let Florida Voters decide whether to allow the recreational use of marijuana. The state has validated over 100,000 of those collected.

Overall the campaign must collect at least 766,200 validated signatures by Feb. 1st to qualify for the November 2020 Ballot


The Orlando Sentinel, in a two part series Nov. 17-18, reported that Florida is among six states with the most generous tax policies for business. Ninety-nine percent don’t pay corporate taxes, according to the report. Tax experts put the cost to the state at between $500 million and $1 billion a year.


Baxley at it again. Republican State Senator Dennis Baxley has filed a bill that would require teachers to offer time for silent reflection at the beginning of the school day, replacing a current statute calling for a “brief meditation period.” Florida Politics reports Baxley has filed a number of bills with social conservative themes this session.


Les Parnas, the Ukrainian-American tied to Rudy Giuliani, and under indictment for campaign finance fraud, has confirmed to the Orlando Sentinel that he met with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at least six times and there were other contacts as well.

Parnas and his business partner, Igor Fruman are tied to the Ukraine scandal figuring in the Trump impeachment hearings. They also face charges of illegally funneling foreign money into U.S. campaigns.

DeSantis has refused to talk about encounters with the pair, and his office says no policy was ever discussed.


Florida Democrats have crowdfunded nearly $4,000 to bring the Baby Trump Balloon to Florida.

State Democrats are organizing a counter “Defeat Trump” rally on November 26th when Trump comes to the state.


Politico is reporting the Secret Service spent more than a quarter of a million dollars at Trump properties in a five month period in 2017, raising new questions about how much the President is personally profiting from the federal government.

Trump did not divest from his businesses when elected, but gave control of his organization to his two sons. Ethics advocates warned that the arrangement raised conflict of interest and Emoluments Clause concerns.


Cancelled Newspaper Subscription May be Costly for Citrus Co.
Citrus County Commissioners, in a move they apparently see as supporting President Trump, have denied $2,700 for a New York Times subscription at the public library.
A Citrus County Chronicle survey found a large number of readers disappointed or aghast at the decision, and the Director of the County Visitors Bureau says Tourists are cancelling trips because of the decision.
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Governor had January Meeting Scheduled With Arrested Giullani Associate
Politico reports that Governor Ron DeSantis had a meeting scheduled with Lev Pamas in January. Pamas and Igor Fruman have been charged with attempting to interfere in U.S. elections. The Governor’s spokesperson says no substantive meeting occurred.
The Florida Democratic Party has requested all records related to the three men and FDP Chair Terrie Rizzo says Floridians deserve to know what Pamas and Fruman wanted from the Governor.
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Resignations Demanded
Florida Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo is calling for the resignations of Fl. Congressman Ross Spano and White House Aide Stephen Miller.
Spano has admitted his campaign could have broken the law by borrowing money from two friends for his campaign and lending money to his campaign.
Miller shows affinity toward white nationalism, according to a Southern Poverty Law Center report. Rizzo said Miller’s beliefs are against American values and he needs to leave the White House immediately.
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The Villages Democratic Club has voted to continue a $250 level sponsorship for the monthly progress monitoring breakfast at the Sumter P.R.E.P. academy in Wildwood.

P.R.E.P. is the name given the County School District’s Alternatives School. This program has enjoyed success in promoting students in grades 6-12 who have a difficult time either academically or behaviorally on the regular school campus.
Principal James Presley say one of the biggest reasons for the school’s success is the local business support of the Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS) program.

The monthly breakfast brings together District Staff, DJJ, Teen Court, Zone-School administrators as well as students and parents to discuss academic and behavioral progress. Presley credits the PBIS system for a 93% success rate of students who transition to their zoned schools.
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FDP Wins Florida Court Case
In a major victory ahead of the 2020 vote, Florida federal court throws out Florida’s ballot order law that lists candidates of the Governor’s party first on every ballot for every office. The FDP says this gives GOP candidates an unfair 5% advantage. In a state where elections are decided by less than half a percentage point, this is a monumental ruling.
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News Snippets from Everywhere:

Former Florida Attorney General and long time Trump supporter Pam Bondy is expected to join the White House shortly to work on impeachment related communications and special projects.

Bondy made headlines during Trump’s presidential campaign for accepting a $25,000 contribution to her political action committee from the Donald J. Trump Foundation, an apparent violation of rules prohibiting donations from non-profits to PACS.

The money was donated in 2013 when Bondy’s office was considering whether to join a lawsuit against Trump’s now-defunct Trump University. Bondy ultimately decided the state would not take part in the suit.

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Ocala Republican Senator Dennis Baxley has filed Senate Bill 746, a companion to a House Bill that would mandate that Florida Public High Schools offer elective courses in Bible study, including studies of the Old and New Testaments as well as Hebrew Scripture.

Students would not have to take the course, but schools would have to offer the class. Currently schools are permitted to offer the class.

This seems to have huge separation of church and state questions, as well as where to find qualified instructors, and who determines whether they are qualified.

Since the course is mandated, an instructor would have to be hired, whether there are students or not, so this becomes a budget item and possibly another unfunded mandate.

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President Trump has decided to become a resident of Florida, unhappy with the way he is treated and taxed in New York state.

However, New York has a lot of experience with rich people bailing out of the state and has a lengthy list of items to check off in deciding if someone has really left.

Taking advantage of Florida’s favorable tax rates won’t be all that easy.

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Florida Democrats are determined not to make the mistakes of 2016, which may have contributed to Trump’s victory.

The Party is hard at work, investing in staff and volunteer, registering voters, protecting voting rights and reaching out to voters in core constituencies.

Some $5.2 million has been raised and a team of 91 employees assembled, equal to the size of the Trump Campaign and the Republican Party of Florida staff combined.

State Democratic Party Chair Terrie Rizzo says the party is also hard at work communicating messages to voters on improving the environment, expanding health care access and implementing gun reform policies

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A group that wants to allow what are called “jungle primaries,” is close to having enough signatures to put a constitutional amendment on the 2020 ballot. Currently Florida has a closed” system. If more than one candidate from a political party qualifies to run, only registered members of that party can vote in that primary. In a “jungle primary” if there is more than one candidate, all registered voters can cast a vote. That means independent or no-party affiliation voters would have a voice. There would be only one primary, with the two top vote recipients moving to the general election, which means both candidates could be Republicans, Democrats or some other party or non-party. The Supreme Court must review and approve the language of such amendments. Needless to say neither party cares for this idea and both have filed legal briefs in opposition.

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