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“Anyone who has heard her speak before knows what a treat we are in for – anyone who has not heard her speak before won’t want to miss this!”

Our third annual




Honeybaked will give the Sumter Co. Democratic Executive Committee

20% of the total value of gift cards ordered now through April 30, 2020

when the purchaser buys online at the following unique website:

You Must Use the website shown above to participate in this fundraiser.

Cards purchased in a store are not part of the fundraiser.

You will receive the full amount of the gift card you choose.

The 20% comes from the Honey Baked profits, not your pocket.

The cards are sent within 7 days of ordering.

And guess what? Anyone can order so tell your friends.

Please email if you have any questions

Honeybaked is a national food company that offers the familiar HoneyBaked

ham and side dishes/desserts. It also offers turkey and vegetarian dishes to

appeal to a larger and more diverse eating audience.

In addition to its online presence,

there is a local store in the Best Buy shopping center on Rt. 441.


Democrat Leaders Keeping up with technology!

Mostly by coincidence the Sumter County Executive Committee and the Villages Democratic Club embarked on significant IT upgrades at the same time.

Volunteers Tim Sherrod and Joy Green stepped up when the DEC realized their website wasn’t being used effectively and needed an overhaul.

(Tim Sherrod demonstrates the upgraded DEC website)

After reviewing what other counties were doing, a format was designed to offer more information and communication opportunities to county residents. The final pieces are being put in place, with a roll out coming soon.

On October 1st, the Villages Democratic club introduced WILD APRICOT, a membership program that coordinates all of the club’s IT functions, including Newsletter software, a new website, and a membership management application. As with every step forward there have been a couple of glitches, but they were minor and easily repaired.

The biggest improvement, and main reason for the change was the membership application. The previous system was cobbled together from a number of programs and required 6 entries for each new member. With the Wild Apricot program, new and renewing members supply all the needed information when they input their details. Renewal reminders are automatic.

While the process is slightly more work for new and renewing members, it is much, much less work for the membership committee and is described as no more work than that of making an on-line purchase.

Sumter County DEC

Executive Steering Committee

2nd Monday, @ 5:00pm -7:00pm


Sumter County DEC

General Membership Meeting

4th Monday @ 5:00pm - 7:00pm


Phone: 352-794-1351



Sumter County DEC

300 South Main St

Wildwood, FL 34785


Phone: 352-794-1351



Sumter County DEC

P.O. Box 1151

Wildwood, FL 34785