The silent auction at the recent Sumter County Democratic Executive Committee Gala was truly impressive, with many donated items from individuals, artists and businesses. including gift certificates from: Darrell’s Diner, Metro Diner, Lil’ Bits Cafe and PDQ.

Please consider these dining options in your future plans as a gesture of appreciation.

The Sumter County Democrats Gala

Lilly Ledbetter, guest speaker at the Gala, was born in Possum Trot, Alabama and has never lost her southern drawl.

That is quickly pushed aside as she tells the story of her fight with Goodyear after learning she was making thousands less than 3 men who held the same management job. A federal court jury agreed she was the victim of sex discrimination, but the Supreme Court said she filed the case too late. The law at the time required that a claim had to be filed within 180 days from when Goodyear began paying her less. something the company had hidden.

After speaking out on the issue for years, she caught the attention of Barack Obama, resulting in the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, signed by Obama on January 29, 2009, his first piece of legislation.

As she detailed the struggle and the impact on her and her family, she observed that “doing the right thing is not easy.” Her hope is that she will be remembered for “Making a Difference.”

She has written a book about her struggle, and a movie is in the works.

Rizzo, Chair of the Florida Democratic party, told the audience the party is not waiting, but is staffing up now and putting the pieces in place for the 2020 election.

“This,” she said,”is the most important election since 1864 and could change the course of the country.