Honey Baked Ham

 Buy a HoneyBaked Ham Gift Card and Support the Sumter County Democratic Party’s Fundraising Effort!  Company coming?  Entertaining the family?   Make it easy on yourself and let HoneyBaked Ham cook and prepare your main/side dishes and desserts. HoneyBaked Gift Cards Fundraiser                                                                                                              

Use the unique link below and HoneyBaked will donate 20 percent of the total value of gift card(s) you purchase to the Sumter County Democratic Party.  You must purchase online! 

For example, buy a $100 gift card and HoneyBaked will send $20 to the party (and you retain the full value of your gift card).

HoneyBaked is a national food company that offers the familiar HoneyBaked ham and side dishes/desserts. It also offers turkey and vegetarian dishes to appeal to a larger and more diverse eating audience.

ONLINE gift cards are available to everyone who wishes to participate in this DEC fundraiser. Cards do not have expiration dates and can be used for online purchases or at HoneyBaked store locations throughout the country….so anyone ANYWHERE can participate.  HoneyBaked has a local store in the Best Buy shopping center on U.S. 441. Please share this information with your family and friends….HoneyBaked welcomes your business, and the DEC appreciates your support!     Thank you in advance for participating!  

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