Florida reaches 5 million registered Democrats
Terrie Rizzo, chair of the Florida Democratic Party, along with Karen André, the executive director of Forward Florida Action, Adriana Rivera of Alianza for Progress, and Andrea Mercado of New Florida Majority, held a news conference last week to celebrate Democrats reaching the historic 5 million registered voter mark.
Florida is the largest battleground state in the country, known for closely contested elections. The Florida Democratic Party is taking nothing for granted and aggressively working to engage voters early, Rizzo said.
Florida now has at least 13,698,000 registered voters, up about 420,000 since the 2018 general election. There are now 5,076,000 registered Democrats to 4,821,000 registered Republicans. Democrats have a two-point advantage with 37 percent of registered voters and 35 percent of voters registered as Republican.
Last week, Rizzo said the party is well on its way to meeting its goal to register 200,000 new Democratic voters before the August primary election.
“When we launched this program in June of 2019, we were registering 28 people per day,” she said. “As of today, our team is registering 446 voters each day — and that average is increasing each month.”
A Democratic victory in Florida in November’s presidential election would destroy any chance that Donald Trump could be re-elected, Rizzo told a cheering, overflow crowd at last month’s meeting of The Villages Democratic Club.





 How did this unrelenting attack on public education come to pass?  It began in 1998 with former governor Jeb Bush’s introduction of the A+ Plan for reforming education.  A new report Twenty Years Later:  The Jeb Bush A+ Plan Fails Florida’s Students by NPE Action Board member Sue Legg, Ph.D. traces the history of the Jeb Bush A+ reform movement, and documents why a test driven curriculum, supported by school grades and school choice, has failed to raise student achievement while undermining public education at every turn.  The report will serve as a valuable resource not only for the Florida public, but as a cautionary tale for all who believe in democratically governed, public schools.

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