Precinct Captains

Precinct Captains

“The most important job I ever had was Precinct Captain.”
– President Harry S. Truman

A Precinct Captain serves as a voting member of the Sumter County Democratic Executive Committee (DEC).  The Precinct Captains are the link between the DEC and the voters in neighborhood.

To help you decide whether this is something you would like to do we have put together a brief guide below which contains answers to questions we get asked most often.

What is a precinct captain?
The office of precinct captain is the most important position in the entire Democratic Party. A precinct captain is a Democratic Party official at the local level elected to serve as the party leader in the precinct. When precincts are organized, the Democratic vote is maximized and our candidates win elections.

What is a precinct?
Think of a precinct as your general neighborhood. A precinct is the smallest political geographical unit maintained by the county for voting purposes.

Who can be a precinct captain? 
Any registered Democrat residing in the precinct they wish to serve.

What is the minimum time commitment?
A few hours a month. We ask that you reach out to your neighbors on a regular basis – with our help — and build a team of volunteers who will be available at election time to reach out to our voters. Precinct captains are also required to regularly attend our monthly meetings.

How does someone become a precinct captain?
The first step is to attend a meeting of the DEC. Then, file an application with our Secretary. Prospective members must attend a second meeting at which their application will be acted upon, must be elected by a majority vote, and must then take an oath of office prescribed by the Florida Democratic Party.

What are the responsibilities of a precinct captain?
The main job of a precinct captain is to serve as the link between our local party and the voters in your precinct.  There are a number of ways you can do this – and the party will help you with all of them. We provide regular trainings and always have leaders available to answer questions.

Ready to serve?
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