The Road to Nowhere


The State of Florida may force Sumter County residents from their homes and many others will have a Turnpike in their yard if the Northern Turnpike Extension is builtCritics and astute observers call it: The Road to Nowhere.

All four turnpike options will plow through the west side of Wildwood and rip through the Historic African American Community of Royal and Northwest Sumter County.

You need to vote for a governor in November who will say NO to these Turnpike options and vote for for a state representative who will say NO to funding this misguided mission.

Make sure that every family member and all your neighbors are registered and vote!

If someone needs help registering to vote call 352.794.1351 or email

In the meantime, what can you doCall or write your local, county and FDOT officials at every opportunity.  Again, the governor decides and the legislature funds.

Here is a map (if your house or property is under or near the yellow, you have three questions to ask yourself:)

When the turnpike takes your home where will you go

How will you like view from your home when the turnpike is built?

What will YOU do now?”  Hint: Register and Vote!

For additional information, check out the Facebook group Suncoast & Northern Turnpike Connector or 

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