Vote by mail – Guidance


In 2018, Florida Democratic voter turnout was 64.2%
In 2018, Florida Democratic VBM voter turnout was 87.6%
In 2018, Florida Democrats without VBM had voter turnout of 55%
In presidential election years the VBM voting rate is over 90%
Some common questions and issues
I have already signed up for Vote by Mail. In Florida your VBM option is good for two
election cycles (about four years) and then it needs to be renewed.
Make your candidate selections, place in envelope, seal and sign and date the outside of
your envelope (don’t mix your ballot up with another in the household.)
I have heard of problems with signature mismatches, what is the straight scoop? The
Supervisor of Elections staff in Sumter County errs on the side of the voter and will accept signatures
that are reasonably close. They are not particular about middle names or initials.
Forgot to sign the envelope or your signature doesn’t match their records? You will be
notified that there is no signature or that your signature doesn’t match their records. You can
complete a “Vote by Mail Ballot Cure” with a copy of identification. However, this must be done no
later than 5 PM the day before the election.
Mail your ballot back early as it must be received by 7 PM on Election Day. This also gives
you time to correct or “cure” any problems that may arise unexpectedly.
Lost or misplaced your ballot? No problem, call the Supervisor of Elections and request a
replacement or just go to the polls and cast a provisional ballot. There are some time limits so don’t
Changed your mind? If you have received your ballot but decide you want to go to the polls,
just go to the polls. If you bring your VBM ballot, they will cancel your VMB ballot but you will be
permitted to vote. If you don’t have your ballot, you will be permitted to cast a provisional ballot that
will be counted as long as the VBM ballot is not received by Election Day since you can’t vote twice.
How can I be sure that my vote was received and counted? You can check online at the
Supervisor of Election web page to see when your ballot is being mailed to you, as well as when the
Supervisor of Elections received your mailed ballot.
Vote by Mail is easy, safe and convenient. Your paper ballot can’t be hacked electronically.
Sumter Supervisor of Elections or call (352) 569-1540.
Sumter Democratic Executive Committee 300 S. Main, Wildwood, FL or call (352) 794-1351.